fresh start

 Wow, it has been a long time since I have written one of these. I know I have some explaining to do- I haven't posted in over six months. But I am back and really excited about the direction I want to take this blog.

 First things first, where the hell have I been!? To keep it short, this was hands down the worst semester of university so far so I tried to make school my top priority. On top of that I quit my job and started a small business from home which has pretty much consumed all of my time up until this point. Combine that with anxiety (yes, I'm another blogger that has anxiety) it has been a pretty rough couple of months.

  Now you're probably wondering why all of my old posts are deleted and why I have a new layout. The reason is quite simple- I feel like my aesthetic (only word I can think of to describe it) has changed and I have become a different person and I wanted my blog to reflect that. The layout is a lot more simple and chic and a little less busy and colourful- basically the same way my style has changed over the past year.

  Ontop of that I found my previous writing style SO boring, I'm actually pretty shocked people used to read that. I was always a little scared to write the same way I talk in real life and tried to make it sound proper, and now I just think 'why!?' if people like my blog they're more likely to like me for me and not some weird fancy persona.

  I am going to continue on writing beauty posts but I also want to include a lot more lifestyle posts including travel. I used to have a separate travel blog but unfortunately all of the pictures got deleted. I was always scared to post travel here because I thought the pictures wouldn't blend with my style but then I thought 'who cares!?', this is my little corner of the internet and if travel makes me happy then I should post about it.

  I hope those of you (I am assuming probably two people maximum) that read my blog are as excited abut these changes as I am, because I think this is the start of a much more genuine, better blog.

x, R

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