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  Something you may not know about me is that I'm an incredibly lazy person. I know this is not something to necessarily be proud of but I am perfectly content spending hours doing nothing but lying in bed watching Netflix. So because I am so lazy my skincare routine is basically non-existant. Seeing all these beauty bloggers and YouTubers talk about how they use upwards of ten products before bed I just think 'how!?'. I consider it an accomplishment simply taking my makeup off. That's why I was so happy to try the Garnier Micellar Water.
  Anything that is affordable and helps me take off my makeup is a magical product in my eyes plus it is SO easy to use!

  There is a lot of pro's to this micellar water. Probably the biggest one is that it is good quality and inexpensive. Here in Canada you can get it for about $10 which is really good compared to some of the other brands that offer the same product. 

  I use it with two jumbo cotton pads to remove a full face of makeup and a little goes a long way! It is so gentle and actually feels like you're just using water on your face (water that  is much more effective). The true test of a micellar water for me is how well the eye makeup comes off and with this stuff it's a breeze. It ticks all of the boxes and become a staple in my night-time routine (a.k.a. I use this then wash my face and call it a day).

 The one downside, which is more of my own personal preference, is that I do have to wash my face afterwards. Though that isn't anything to do with the product itself, I just always feel like I have to wash my face after using any product on it.

  All in all this is one of the best micellar waters I have tried and would definitely recommend it. The bottle is huge and you get a lot of product so it's really good value. It works great as a makeup remover and general face cleanser, and all you have to do is smooth a cotton pad over your face without needing to rub your eyes. A huge win for lazy girls like me!

x, R

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  1. I absolutely love this cleanser, I've gone through quite a few bottles over the years. It works for me because it's unscented and gentle enough to use on your eyes, what more could you ask for :)
    xxx Claire


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